Our Art Collection

The collection was created with the intention of supporting emerging artists early in their careers and to develop a showcase for those artists beyond the galleries in which their work was usually seen.

Today the firm has a leading collection of modern and contemporary art comprising works by British and international artists which reflects the energy, commitment and diversity of emerging artists. Works from the art collection hang in its offices in the UK, China, Singapore, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and France.  

It is the firm’s intention to continue to support young artists from the local communities in which we work, in order to provide our clients, our community partners and our partners and staff with the opportunity to engage with some of the most interesting aspects of contemporary art and culture.

The firm has an Art Network, established as a forum for staff with a shared interest in the collection. We are involved in a number of projects to promote participation in the arts and cultural life and hold regular art tours for clients, community, school and university groups. 

Consult the dedicated website for our art collection, simmonscontemporary.com, for more information.