Vacation Schemes

This is the driving idea behind our vacation schemes. We run the following paid vacation schemes and workshops across the year:

  • Winter vacation scheme: Our one week scheme takes place in London and is open to all final year students and graduates.
  • Spring insight scheme: Our two day spring insight workshop is open to first year law and non-law students and penultimate year non-law students and takes place in London.
  • Summer vacation schemes: We offer summer vacation schemes in both London and Bristol. In London, our scheme is two weeks and is aimed at penultimate year law and non-law students, final year students and graduates. In Bristol our one week scheme is open to penultimate year law students, final year students and graduates.

These structured vacation schemes mean we can take a closer look at you, and you can see for yourself whether life at Simmons & Simmons will suit you. There are only 75 places available and we recruit on a rolling basis, so if you’re interested, make sure you apply as soon as possible.