Simmons & Simmons sponsors the Sport & Cancer division of the Institut Curie’s hematology department

15 Oct 2018

It is recognised that regular and sustained physical activity reduces the risk of recurrence of major cancers, offsets the adverse effects of treatments - both physical and psychological - and improves patients' quality of life.

In order to integrate this non-drug therapy into the treatment process for cancer, the Institut Curie and CAMI Sport & Cancer have signed a partnership to set up a CAMI Sport & Cancer Cluster within Dr Kuhnowski's hematology department at the Institut Curie de Paris.

The opening was made possible thanks to the support of Simmons & Simmons law firm, a social welfare group and leading international laboratories.

Alexandre Regniault, Global Partner in charge of the Healthcare and Life Sciences Division at Simmons & Simmons, said: "We are committed to the values of the Institut Curie, and support many clients in the field of healthcare and life sciences. It therefore seemed only natural to us to participate in the implementation of this innovative project and to support CAMI Sport & Cancer and the Institut Curie in the creation of this cluster.”

The Sport & Cancer unit has been in place since June 25, 2018. It is designed to accommodate around 30 patients per year and allows all patients treated for hematological cancer at the Paris site to benefit from two individual weekly sports therapy sessions of 15 to 45 minutes each during their hospital stays. These sessions are supervised by a professional trained in CAMI Sport & Cancer's pedagogical approach and a holder of the "Sport & Cancer" university diploma. They take place directly in the patient’s room and are personalized according to the abilities, needs and wishes of each patient.

This project will "improve the overall care of our patients with hematological malignancies whose therapeutic program includes intensive treatment with hematopoietic stem cell transplants, from the initiation of treatment to the end of hospitalization in a protected sector, added Doctors Frédérique Kuhnowski and Philippe Brault, hematologists in the hematology department of the Institut Curie's Paris site and referring doctor for CAMI Sport & Cancer’s unit.

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