Simmons & Simmons Disputes Aviator

What is the Disputes Aviator?

The Disputes Aviator enables users to analyse factual scenarios within the framework of currently foreseeable post Brexit legislation to assess where risk may arise, and relevant factors to consider, when advising in relation to the enforceability of the jurisdiction or governing law clause.

The tool enables users to take into account key circumstantial factors which may affect the enforceability of an English jurisdiction or governing law clause or an English court judgment post Brexit, such as:

  • the current and potential future business structure of the entity entering into the contract
  • the domicile of the counterparty to the contract 
  • the forum in which a dispute may be likely to arise
  • the type of jurisdiction clause (exclusive/non-exclusive) in the contract, and
  • the governing law of the contract.

How can the Disputes Aviator help?

The Disputes Aviator has been designed to be used by busy lawyers to:

  • respond to questions from internal stakeholders on the potential impact of Brexit 
  • identify risk in existing contracts 
  • make informed choices about future contracts, and
  • carry out internal contingency planning post Brexit.

The Disputes Aviator aims to minimise the time and cost spent by your organisation on this critical analysis and is available via subscription on an organisation basis.

The Disputes Aviator is regularly updated to reflect legal developments, publications and commentary by key stakeholders in the lead up to, and following, Brexit. In addition, our dedicated team of lawyers will be able to highlight any key issues or concerns that may affect your business.

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