Andrea Chao

Managing Associate


T +31 20 722 2315
M +31 62 066 2873

General Experience

Andrea Chao has 11 years of experience in projects and procurement. She has a wide range of experience in the development and contract management of innovative and complex large-scale projects, advising employers, lenders, investors and contractors. Such projects include renewables, infrastructure, production facilities and office space.

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Recent Work
  • advising a global early life nutrition producer on the relocation of its facility with local authorities, development of the facility (CAPEX and OPEX) and contract management
  • advising Pfalzsolar on the development of several rooftop and ground mounted solar PV projects
  • advising Eurus Energy Group on the acquisition and development of the Dutch onshore wind farm Spui (20 MW)
  • advising RE-N Produktion on the development of an innovative biomass (manure digestion systems) power plant in several cities through EPC/O&M contracting
  • advising a large Dutch municipality on multiple infrastructure projects based on early contractor involvement, due to the involvement of a significant amount of stakeholders and ongoing traffic
  • advising an International conglomerate in the acquisition and maintenance of a waste processing facility to process liquid and solid medical waste on site to reduce environmental impact
  • advising 90North Real Estate Partners (as owner) on the construction of the new head offices of Danone and ASICS in Hoofddorp based on the early contractor involvement strategy due to the discussion between the different stakeholders (client, owner, user)
  • advising J.P. van Eesteren on the redevelopment of museum Naturalis

Andrea graduated from Leiden University in 2008, also having studied at Bonn University (Germany). Being admitted to the Dutch Bar Association in 2008, she joined the firm in 2014. Andrea is a member of the editorial board of the Dutch Construction Law Review (Tijdschrift voor Bouwrecht), and regularly publishes in journals such as the Dutch procurement law review (Tijdschrift Aanbestedingsrecht) and Cobouw. In 2017 she joined the IPFA Netherlands Branch Council of the International Project Finance Association (IPFA) as FLN Representative.

Amongst others, Andrea contributed to Cobouw and Tijdschrift voor Bouwrecht (on new forms of integrated building contracts after DBFMO for Rijksvastgoedbedrijf), the International Construction Law Review (on the NEC3 contracts) and Sdu Commentaar Aanbestedingsrecht (on the competitive dialogue tender procedure). Recently Andrea spoke about the procurement law and contractual aspects of early contractor involvement (bouwteam) and alliancing contracts at conferences organised by parties such as CROW and PIANOo.

Andrea is listed as Next Generation Lawyer in Project Finance & PFI by Legal 500 2018 & 2019. She is recommended by IFLR and Legal 500 Project Finance and PFI, Construction, and Energy. According to clients "Andrea provides exceptional service, she is always (literally always) available and willing to help. She is calm, sharp and easy to work with" (IFLR 2017). Andrea is "a standout managing associate" and "a likeable, convincing negotiator" who "pursues clients' interests unrelentingly" (Legal 500).

  • ‘Bezwaren tegen alliantie-contracten en bouwteam ontkracht’ (‘Objections against alliance-contracts negated’), Cobouw, 12 July 2018
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  • 'Via aanbestedingen op zoek naar innovatieve oplossingen: de concurrentiegerichte dialoog en het nieuwe innovatiepartnerschap' ('Seeking innovative solutions through procurement: the competitive dialogue and the new innovation partnership'), Tijdschrift Aanbestedingsrecht – November 2014
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